Learn the history of how our company started and Landscape Marketing Pros’ CEO & Founder, Matt Wacek.

Scaling Landscape Companies

The process of starting a landscaping company is hard enough. First and foremost, doing landscape work is tough, then finding the right employees can be a struggle, and of course keeping equipment in working order is massive undertaking. Once you are up and running with a crew or two, it can become very stressful to ensure that work is coming in so that your guys will have steady hours throughout the season, AND you as an owner can be paid well for all your effort.

Landscape Marketing Pros helps landscaping, outdoor living, irrigation and snow removal contractors wear one less hat when it comes to managing their business by completely automating the process of attracting qualified leads. Our proprietary system utilizes AI tech to allure prospects that have high buyer-intent of purchasing your company’s services.

Watch our demo here to learn how we can help grow your landscape company.

Company Leadership

Matt Wacek began his entrepreneurial journey began at the very young age of 11 by organizing BMX bike races & basketball tournaments with all the kids throughout his neighborhood. A few years later while working his first job at a small, locally-owned & operated lawn care company in Rogers, MN, he liked the idea of being “the guy running the show” with a lawn/landscape company. After graduating high school in 2009 he attended the University of North Dakota for 1.5 years and hated every minute of it. He felt completely out of place and wanted to start his own business as soon as possible.

He then left UND to pursue Anoka Technical College’s Horticulture program while simultaneously starting his own landscaping business (MJW Landscape Contracting) in early 2011. He built up an initial client base pounding pavement for weeks on end distributing door-hangers to get the company’s foundation built in the early years.

Matt Wacek

In late 2012, after experiencing terrible returns on 1000s upon 1000s of door-hangers he decided to build MJW Landscape Contracting’s website from scratch (he was so excited about building the website that he posted about it on Instagram). In 2013, Matt graduated from Anoka Tech and then took the business by storm. MJW Landscape Contracting grew exponentially and continued doing so every year and scaling to multiple 6-figures in the process thanks to creating their high-converting website that was ranked in the search engines for services in their service area – allowing MJW Landscape Contracting to pull in dozens of new clients each month essentially on autopilot. From then on, that was the only marketing method they used to acquire clients (aside from referrals).

In early 2016, Matt then decided to transition from his position at MJW Landscape Contracting to online marketing where he eventually launched Landscape Marketing Pros in August 2017, where we use the same strategies to expand our clients’ online visibility allowing them to dominate their markets.

His role at Landscape Marketing Pros as CEO and Founder is directing the ship by overseeing operations, managing all client relations, and sales. Beyond Matt, our team is comprised of a highly-trained online marketing specialists that fulfill the tasks for website design, text content creation, search engine optimization, and managing pay-per-click ads. 

When Matt’s not working on Landscape Marketing Pros, you’ll find him racing motocross, or at the gym doing intense workouts, followed by restorative yoga to recover from the racing and workouts. 

Matt Wacek

The tech era we live in is the greatest gift a business could ask for. Your website has the capability to reach thousands of prospective customers 24/7/365. A magnitude that previously was not possible with handing out flyers or door hangers, and much more cost-effective than a mass-scale direct mail campaign.

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