Why Your Landscaping Website MUST Have A Blog

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In this video you’ll see how we helped our client generate a staggering 1,727 additional clicks to their website this year as a result of a strategically written blog post. Even with a base-level conversion rate of 1%, this could equate to capturing 18 additional leads for landscape install work ($1000s in revenue) that otherwise would have been left on the table.


Use This Landscaping Website Design Framework To 6x Your Leads

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The difference between getting no lawn care leads from your website and getting 30, 60, 80 or even 120+ lawn care/landscaping leads each month comes down to how your website communicates with the search engines through a tactic known as onpage SEO. This landscaping SEO strategy sets the foundation for your online presence and allowing your company to ACTUALLY be found.

Why Cheap SEO Will Cost You MORE Money

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If you are a landscaping business owner doing at least $200,000/year in revenue and looking to grow by 6-figures, this video will save you months and months of time. Our video explains in detail why a cheap SEO service will over promise and VASTLY under deliver on their promise to bring your lawn care, irrigation, landscaping and snow removal company more leads. How do we know all this? Every week we talk with lawn care, outdoor living, irrigation and landscape contractors who paid a website & SEO agency as low as $399, $299 or even $150 PER MONTH, and after 6 months of waiting… there were no results. That “agency” is either nowhere to be found or just has excuses.

Why Google Search is BETTER than Facebook Ads For Landscaping, Lawn Care, Irrigation, Snow & Tree Services

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When growing your landscaping business and getting more lawn care clients, it’s critical to choose the right method to obtain these new customers. There are many platforms out there to generate leads such as Facebook, Instagram, even lead buying such as HomeAdvisor but in this video we showcase the true power of Google Search, specifically SEO as a means to acquire web traffic to convert into calls & estimate requests for landscaping, lawn care, tree services, snow removal, irrigation and outdoor living projects.


6 PROVEN Ways To Get More Leads & Clients From Google

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When trying to execute lawn care marketing, grow your landscaping business, get snow removal contracts, more tree removal jobs or sprinkler system install work. There is no better way to get leads and grow your business than with the Internet. These 6 facets/add-ons to your website will dramatically boost conversion rate, thus leading to sales increases.

SEO vs Google Pay-Per Click Ads

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Landscape Marketing Pros CEO Matt Wacek explains the differences between search engine optimization and Google pay-per-click advertising for getting more clients for your lawn, landscaping, outdoor living, irrigation, tree service or snow removal company. Also included are weighing out the pros and cons of the two strategies and which is best for your business based on your current revenue situation and scaling capabilities.

Our video explains everything you need to know about both methods for getting more landscaping leads and clients.

Major Differences Between SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding content to your website with the intent of improving your site’s visibility to the search engines and users of the aforementioned search engines, allowing your website to show up in relevant searches.

For an outdoor services company, this would be search such as “lawn care near me” or “landscaping [city, st]”.

Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. This allows your business to bid on search appearances when a prospective client types in a relevant keyword such as “outdoor living designer near me” in the Google search. You pay when someone clicks on your ad. Using pay-per-click is extremely advantageous because you can turn them on and off with a few clicks, adjustments to the ad copy can be made when needed as well as targeting specific geographical areas.

Which Should You Invest Into?

Unlike SEO, PPC ads can be set up and running within days whereas SEO is a multi-month plan, however, that’s not to say SEO is not a winning strategy because the cost per lead can often be much cheaper plus it contributes to a long lasting online presence as a whole. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on a company’s current revenue, size and ability to grow.

Our YouTube video above explains which is best based on your company’s current revenue and other factors.


6 Elements The Best Lawn Care & Landscaping Websites Have

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The goal with your company’s website should always be to maximize its potential earning power. That potential earning power is the inbound phone calls and contact form submission leads it generates. Otherwise, your website is essentially a billboard in the middle of nowhere. In this case, nobody nobody would see it, and nobody visits it. Which means you would have to rely on other methods to grow your business.

This should never be the focus, as a website has the potential to practically become an ATM machine for your company. This video describes six elements you need to implement on your website to increase its conversion rate – which is prospects requesting a quote or making a phone call to talk with your team about a project request.

How To Rank Your Google My Business Listing

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How To Get More Calls/Leads By Increasing The Ranking of Your Google My Business Listing

If your Google My Business listing is in the top 3 map listings of the google search (map pack), you can capture more website traffic and calls. This article explains steps to take to increase the ranking of your GMB listing.

By Matt Wacek
Published: October 11, 2020
Updated: October 17, 2021

Google My Business For Lawn Care & Landscaping

The first step is to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. If you do not have one yet, check out our post and watch our tutorial video on how to claim your Google My Business listing, it’s 100% free to set up – the potential upside is exponential. 

Once you have completed setting up your Google My Business (GMB) listing and you’ve received the postcard to verify it, you’re ready to go.  

1. Complete The Profile Throughly!

Make sure to fill out everything on your profile – business categories, service areas, hours of operation, phone number (same number that is shown on your website), about, opening date (can use year and month), and add photos. Our video guide mentioned earlier explains how to set all this up. This is crucial because there’s a very low likelihood that Google will display incomplete listings near the top of the map pack.

2. Congruency

This is one of the most overlooked factors that has a HUGE impact on the placement of your Google My Business listing in the search results. Google bots will crawl your website to ensure the data and information there lines up with what is displayed on the Google My Business listing. Including your company name, address, phone number and hours of operation. This needs to be written in the same exact manner on your website (this information should be placed in the footer). 

For Example:
Johnson Outdoor Services
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(763) 123-4567
M-F 8am-5pm

Everything from the company name, especially if you include “LLC” or “Inc” in your name, company phone number written with two parentheses ” (763)” then a space, first three digits, a dash “-“, then the final four digits. Same with the city your company is based. If the city name has commonly used abbreviations, then they should be in place on both your website and GMB listing. 

3. Directory Listings/Citations

Get your business listed on as many local, national and industry relevant directories as possible. Beginning with the biggest – Yelp, Angie’s List, City Pages, Cylex, etc. The more of these profiles that you have claimed, the better. Google sees these profiles as building trust in your GMB and website since most directory profiles allow you to have a link placed to your website in your profile. 

Another crucial factor of your citations is congruency! It is imperative that you make sure the information displayed on all the directory profiles is 100% synced with what is displayed on your website and GMB listing. 

4. Reviews

One of the main reasons Google My Business exists is to ensure that their users (Google searchers) have a great experience when navigating their platform. Meaning they are able to find the best lawn, landscape, irrigation or snow service provider for their property. Asking existing clients to leave a quick review after a project is completed at their property is one of the best ways to get your first reviews published. 

Having the highest rating or most reviews won’t be the full deciding factor when it comes to ranking, but an upper 4.X or 5-star rating will most definitely help. Plus it drastically improves click-through-rate, which is the amount of people searching that will actually click on your listing to call or visit your website.

Use the tips in this article, plus the additional optimization guidance in our claiming a GMB listing tutorial and you will see your Google My Business listing start to climb the map search results eventually getting into the map pack and driving more calls and traffic to your website.

Our informative video below shares insight on how to do this process:

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