How We Ranked On Page 1 in 23 Days

Learn how we built a new page on a lawn care, landscaping, irrigation, mosquito control and snow removal website and ranked on page 1 of Google in 23 days.

A quick background on this website – it was purpose built on April 5th, 2019 (feel free to check stats) and set up for generating leads and phone calls, which get routed to a local service provider through an affiliate network, and we earn commissions for each call/lead that is generated.
*It does have a Google My Business Listing accompanying it – which equates to about 15% of overall traffic and phone call generation.

It targets just one city in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. 

We employed an aggressive SEO campaign to this website and it dominates the city for all keywords relating to lawn care, landscaping, mosquito control spraying, snow removal and we are currently working on ranking a page for tree services and sprinkler blowouts as well. 

Check out the website here:

As of today (Sept. 14, 2019) this website has generated:
(click on the image to see a larger version)

223 Phone Calls in 5 Months

35 Contact Form Leads in 4.5 Months

5 New Leads In Less Than 1 Week

Another 5 New Leads In Less Than 1 Week

A grand total of 268 calls and leads have been generated by this single website in 5 months for just 1 city with a population around 30,000!

Picture your business acquiring that many calls and leads – if only 5% of them converted into new clients – that’s 13 new clients acquired in 5 months!
(Yes, we are aware every client’s service requests are different – it could range from weekly mowing @ $30/ea or a $15k landscape installation project – focusing on the long term value of each client is key!) 

And that is with a late start to acquire initial traffic. If your goal is to acquiring rankings and traffic by April for a similarly competitive keyword – the time to get started would be 3-4 months in advance. Despite our late start (building the website in early April), we were still able to capture calls and leads during the spring rush. 

Check out the videos below to learn about the process we used to add new pages to the website and rank for additional keywords in just over 3 weeks.

Part 1 - How Long Does It Take To Rank For A Local SEO Keyword?

Part 2 - How Long Does It Take To Rank For A Local SEO Keyword?

Part 3 - How We Ranked On Page 1 of Google in 23 Days!

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