Client Success: Lush Landscape & Irrigation

By Matt Wacek
Originally Published: August 26, 2020
Updated: November 21, 2021

See how our landscaper digital marketing service program drives traffic to Lush Landscape & Irrigations website resulting in 100s of inbound calls & form leads from high-interest residential and commercial prospects looking to purchase landscaping, lawn care, irrigation, concrete and mosquito control services that led to them being able to scale their business from 1 landscape & 1 irrigation crew in 2019 to 5 crews and hiring two additional office employees in 2020.

It began in summer 2019.

In July 2019, Co-Owners of Lush, Austin & Brandon reached out to us to redo their website. Their current online presence at the time was just their Facebook business page, buying leads on HomeAdvisor and a D.I.Y. GoDaddy website. I’ve known these guys for over a decade, and when I owned my landscape company, MJW Landscape Contracting from 2011-2016, our companies had worked together on many projects. We’d subcontract the irrigation installation work to them, and they would subcontract the hardscape work such as paver patios & retaining walls to us, as well as lawn maintenance. Plus they did all the irrigation system blowouts & repairs for my existing clients.

Fast forward a few years, they were finally ready to take the leap and systematically grow their business using the Internet.

Lush's old DIY GoDaddy website

Our Approach Brought Both Short & Long Term Results

Within two weeks we had a brand new website developed and live. About three weeks after that, their first organic leads started flowing in. Note: We’re all about transparency here. Increasing the visibility of your website’s pages by ranking at the top of the search engines for your top keywords such as “landscaping + city, st”, “sprinkler systems + city”, etc. generally takes 3-6 months to see traction, especially if your website domain & Google My Business listing are brand new or you are in an large city with higher competition. 

However, there is potential to be generating organic leads for lower competition keywords within a shorter duration. Leads that come from these searches can still equate to 1000s of dollars in new revenue, especially with projects such as paver patios, retaining walls, mulch installation, etc. 

This is achievable with our localized domination approach which includes building out pages for each service your company offers. Rather that just one page titled “Services”, we build a page for all the services a company offers: “Retaining Walls”, “Sprinkler Blowouts”, etc. Then we go a step further and optimize each of those service pages for your company’s home city. The competition is generally lower than the typical headline service-oriented keywords (ie. “landscaping + city”), but prospects still type into the search for “paver installer + city” and “retaining walls + city”, etc.  Often times, these prospects can be even higher interest than those that type in “landscaper near me” because they know exactly what work they want done. Meaning they are more likely to convert on your website (calling your company of completing your contact form) and become a client. 

We build these pages with completely unique content and tailor it to your company’s specific protocol and processes for the work you do. 

The Numbers

Someone once said that images speak a thousand words, this video may as well be a novel as it showcases the data showing the drastic increase in lead flow and these images show how it has positively impacted their sales. 

The average monthly investment for our digital marketing program is $1,500 – $2,500 per month. They’ve been working with us for 14 months now, (bringing their investment to about $28k as of Oct 2020), so already a 4.6x ROI if you ONLY factored their $129k sales increase in the first half of the 2020 landscape season (April – July). 

Quick Phone Conversation In October 2020

I spoke with Austin on the phone in early October 2020, here are some excerpts of that conversation:

“…We installed about 70 irrigation systems this year…”

“We are so swamped.”

“With irrigation system blowouts, right now we now have 2 sprinkler winterization crews going sun-up to sun-down, 7 days a week.”

“..we’re on track to doing 1500 blowouts this year, which is crazy because we did about 600 in 2018. Massive growth.”

“My office director is working 80+ hrs/wk to manage everything, field all the calls & leads and get the routes put together. I need to hire another person for the office.”

Lush's GMB Data 10-25-20

My final thoughts.

As a digital marketing agency whose sole focus is providing clients with an amazing experience to go along with unmatched results, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your clients win big by getting more leads, signing-on more projects, and growing as a whole. When they are booked solid with work and need to hire more people – it’s safe to say that we have done our job right and will continue to do so for the future to ensure they can continue scaling their business. Our marketing program is essentially the bridge that connects our clients to more prospects in their service area, allowing them to increase revenue and profit margin

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