How Proscapes & Tree Went From $300k in 2020, to Breaking Past $1MM in 2021 (2nd Year In Business)

Proscapes & Tree is a top-rated company providing lawn care, irrigation, tree service & landscaping in Marietta, GA that’s co-owned by brothers Andres & Jose Contreras alongside their father Pascual. In just their first year in business (2020) they reached $300k in revenue.

They wanted to scale their company so in January 2021 they started working with us. We helped them generate 100s of inbound calls and leads and as a result, their 2021 revenue surpassed $1MM in just their SECOND YEAR of business! Over 333% growth!
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Best Outdoor Services has increased yearly sales by multiple 7-figures between 2019 through 2023!

Proscapes & Tree went from $300k in 2020 before starting with us in Jan. 2021, as a result they scaled to $1MM in 2021!

Lush Landscape & Irrigation started with us in July 2019 & grew from $300k in 2019 to $547k in 2020, and then $990k in 2021!

Black Rock Landscaping started with us in 2019 when they were at $200k, as a result of our system they were able to reach $750k in 2021!

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