How to Start A Landscaping Business in 2024 with No Experience & Reach $250,000 Your 1st Year

When starting a landscaping business from scratch with no money or experience, it can be tough to figure out what to do. In this video, CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros, Matt Wacek explains how he would start over from scratch with a new landscaping business in 2024 by leveraging free online marketing tools to potentially earn 6-figures your first or second year in business.

Starting a Landscaping Business With No Experience!

The vast majority of landscaping businesses are started the wrong way. And in this video, I’m going to give you a very straightforward process that’s gonna allow you to get your business up and running off of the ground and become profitable with minimal investment, and potentially even hit six figures in your first or second year.

If you’re brand new here, my name is Matt Wacek, I’m the CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros. We’re a digital marketing agency that since 2017 we’ve helped dozens upon dozens of landscape contractors scale from the low to mid six figures to high six figures, seven figures and beyond. And in 2023 alone, we generate over 15,000 Organic leads for our clients. And that doesn’t include anything when it comes to actual advertising either.

So if you’re someone that’s trying to grow your landscape business, you are in the right place. And if you’re trying to start a landscaping business, pay attention to this video, take notes. I encourage re-watching it try to get as much information out as as possible and actually take action on this. Now, if you’re someone who’s already doing $250k – $300,000 bucks per year in revenue with your business, what I encourage you to do is of course watch the video, there will probably be some tips that you will be able to pick up on and help with your business even more. But once you’re done watching this video, click here to book an interview with us. And if it’s a good fit, we’ll extend the invitation for you to jump on to our service program where we’ve helped countless contractors scale to absolutely crazy heights like brand from Best Outdoor Services. Well into the seven figures when it comes to revenue gains, Lush Landscaping and Irrigation, Proscapes and Tree, Black Rock Landscaping all these guys have been absolutely crushing it even after the COVID Craziness. So first link the description after this video.

1. Have a Job!

Step number one is to have a job. This is so important, you got to have steady income, so you can invest in your business, but also sleep at night knowing that your bills are paid no, I don’t know how old you are, you could be in your 20s, your 30s, 40s, you may even be 15-16 years old, I don’t know how old you are. But what I encourage that you do is to have some form of income. So that way you can invest into this business, because the more that you can put into it, the faster you will be able to grow and compound everything and just start scaling quickly. So have a job doesn’t matter what it is, ideally have something where you can have two days off in a row. So that takes a lot of retail positions and things like that. But what I did, when I started my landscaping business back in early 2011 Was I was working as an aircraft fuel there.

So I would work Saturday through Wednesday and have Thursday and Friday off if I remember correctly, that’s from five to 1130 at night or something like that. So I had tons of time, I was also going to school for horticulture at that time, too. So I’d do that in the morning. And then I had time in the spring to go do work for a few hours in the early afternoon. I couldn’t take on big projects or anything like that. But I was able to do small stuff during that time.

Then once spring had finally warmed up, I got away from the aircraft feeling and I worked for a municipality, cutting grass, and just sitting on a mower all day with the bigger ballpark style mowers, nothing crazy. And that was from 7am to 230pm, we were paid for eight hours. I don’t know if that’s even legal anymore, but we wouldn’t take breaks. And then that gave me a solid four to six, maybe even seven hours of daylight in the summertime, where I could go and do work after that, do whatever you got to do to make things happen because you need to have income, otherwise, you just will not be able to do it and you’ll be stressed out of your mind. You don’t wanna be playing Russian roulette with your money when it comes to starting a business.

2. Register Your Company

Next step is to actually register a company name. So put some time thought into what you want your company’s name to be mine, I used part of my name and it was mg W landscape contracting, that was an easy one to come up with, I wanted to have something a little bit broad because I wanted to do installation and maintenance. So I didn’t want to just have ended up in lawn care or anything like that. And so you want to put a little bit of time and thought into this take half a day to think about it, and then get registered in the state that you’re located. And so talk with a CPA about what form of business that you want to do. My company originally was an LLC, it was then transformed into an S corp. And that’s what my current businesses are set up as now as corpse.

3. Professionally Designed Logo (DON’T CHEAP OUT!)

So the next thing that you want to do is get a logo made. And this is another thing where you will get what you pay for. So what I encourage you to do, instead of going to Fiverr and all these cheap, terrible designers that are out there.

I mean, there might be some good vendors on that site. But they’re not going to be cheap. And so I think one of the best ways to get a really good logo built is to use a company called 48 hours logo, because what you’re going to be able to do is submit the information and you’re going to have dozens upon even hundreds of submissions for logo designs that you can then choose finalists for and then you can work with them to do the revisions, and it’s gonna look extremely professional versus the really low quality stencil crap that you’re gonna see on Fiverr from someone who’s overseas and you paid six bucks for it. And you don’t want to go cheap with this because this is what everybody is going to see on your business cards, your truck, your invoices, your website, everything it’s going to be seen all over the place.

So don’t go cheap on the logo, hit the link down in the description for 48 hour logo check them out. I’m currently giving them a gold we actually recently did that with a client to redesign their logo and it came out absolutely stunning.

4. Branded Website Domain

Now the fourth step is to go and get a website domain for your brand and company name. As soon as you get that confirmation from your state’s Secretary of State Department of Treasury commerce, whatever it is that you register with to get the business registered, then go grab that domain name I like using Name Cheap. That’s what we use for a lot of our stuff at our company. GoDaddy is another very popular one as well, there’s tons of other ones out there, just make sure it’s one that’s very easy to just use name sheets, probably one of the easiest and register.

Now if you have a popular name, like Four Seasons Outdoor or something like that, that’s going to be taken four seasons outdoor I guarantee is already taken. So what I would do is just play around with it, do your state abbreviation in there. So four seasons, outdoor, something like that, see what you can do you want your branded name here. Don’t be worried about if you’re someone who’s seen SEO topics, we’re talking about doing keyword focused domains. Yes, those absolutely work. But that’s a subject that’s for another video, you want a branded domain here, because the sooner you have this, the sooner you’re going to start building the SEO momentum, because the clients that we’ve seen absolutely crush it are the ones that have had their website domain in ownership since the day they started their business or very shortly afterward. They’ve had it for 5, 6, 7, 10 years, 15 years. And then when we help them on the SEO side of it, it’s basically like pouring 110 octane fuel into a car because it absolutely just flies and just skyrockets. So get that domain registered.

5. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Then step five is to immediately after that, go claim your Google business profile, build it out fully, make sure you have your actual web address linked to add your phone number on there, you can put your address on there, if you’d like some of our clients have service area businesses, those work just fine too, if you don’t want to have your address shown. If you have a UPS Store mailbox or PIO box, they’re not gonna allow you to register it to that to have that shown on there, you can still get good results with a Google business profile set up as a service area of business. So I’ll let you make the decision on that. But you definitely want to make sure your categories are optimized.

So if your focus is going to be landscaping, have that be the focus, landscaper, and then you got lawn care service, irrigation designer, and so forth as your secondary categories. Build out the bio, build out the hours of operation, all that sort of good stuff, because then you got that all squared away, and it’s a snowball effect. The sooner all these things are in place, the sooner they can start working for you.

6. Build Out a Simple Website

Now the next step should come to no surprise for anyone who’s been around our channel for any period of time, and that is to actually build a website. It sounds very daunting, you don’t need to do anything crazy, you don’t need to do an elaborate design, like what we do for our clients, you just need to have something in existence. Wix makes a good builder, GoDaddy has a decent builder, Squarespace is okay, too. The sooner you have something in place, the better. And if you’re getting started this way, you’re going to want to be focusing on just small installation work with mulch, plants, rock things that you can get delivered, and then installed.

And if you have a truck, ideally one that can pull a dump trailer, you can do a little bit of the removal work too. So they got to remove an old landscape, put in new stuff with new plants, mulch, edging, and so forth, those are going to be the best ones to get started. And we’ll talk a little bit more about the work but at a minimum, have a good looking Homepage and About Us page with you on there, because people want to see who they’re gonna be doing business with. That’s one of the things that has helped some of our clients really shine in their local market is that they have photos of them their team on the website, and it just helps put a face to the name when it comes to their prospects viewing their website and making the decision to actually reach out for a quote, because they can see oh, this is somebody local, I’m actually going to be treated well.

They’re going to look after my lawn, they’re going to actually do the work the right way, I’m not just a number on a spreadsheet, that’s very, very, very key as you start growing. And so we do have a tutorial here on our channel explaining how to build a website, it’s a little bit longer of a process, it’ll show you how to set up hosting and all that sort of stuff. But bottom line, you got to have something in place. Because if you don’t have a website, in today’s day and age, you are going to be in the past.

7. An Offer So Good Nobody Will Say No

Step seven is your offer for what you’re going to do for your first couple clients. Because you need testimonials, you need social proof, otherwise, it’s gonna be very difficult to get anything coming in. And so if you have some sales skills offered to do the job for cost, and just have them cover the material or buy the material at wholesale, and then of course give you a little bit of markup that 15-20% Whatever it may be. So you make a little bit of money on that. But provide the labor for free and do amazing work. And just like I talked about with the website with the basic services, just the small install stuff, there are a ton of people that want that work done. And it requires very minimal equipment, you can do that with a truck pitchfork, shovels, easy, easy, easy stuff.

And you can rent a lot of things to then once you have your first couple jobs under your belt. And again, you’re doing this on your off days from your job or whenever you have time to do this. And that way you still have money coming in, you don’t have to be worried about how much profit you’re gonna make on these first jobs. Because when you compare this to starting other businesses, like for example a restaurant, they’re putting six figures into that business before even a penny of sales come in.

So with a landscape company, I don’t think it’s out of line to go in the red for the first couple jobs, your first month or two that you’re doing that’s just going to allow you to get really good testimonials. And that’s going to allow you to then be in the position where you can start charging good amount of money and become very, very profitable as a result.

8. Spread the Word

Step eight is spread the word and you’re probably wondering, well how are we going to do this because SEO takes a lot of time. I don’t have a whole lot of money to put into ads. The easiest growth hacking that I’ve ever seen when it comes to starting any type of home service business is community Facebook groups. There’s at least one for practically every city suburb across the entire country. If you are in a more rural area, it might be a little bit tougher, but there’s still some out there probably at your next closest bigger city, do what you got to do if you got to travel 50 miles, whatever.

But the amazing thing with this is that we have that offer that we just created where it is, hey, we’re going to do this entirely for free, we’re going to do it for cost or markup with your materials, whatever it is that you’re doing, very few people are going to say no to that, especially if you are honest and upfront in your post of saying,

“Hey, I’m just getting this business started, we’d like to take out a few projects for just the cost of materials, we’ll do the labor for free, we’ll make sure you’re absolutely thrilled with the finished product, and all we ask for is a review.”

Who wouldn’t say no to that? You’re going to be flooded with leads, I can almost guarantee it. Especially if we’re doing this in the springtime, these might be a little bit smaller ticket jobs, but you do what you got to do in the beginning to get your reps in, use this opportunity to your advantage because you make this person happy. Guess what the next time somebody posts in that same group, hey, I’m looking for a landscape company to do some work. Guess who’s going to post on there and say, hey, they did an amazing job. That person is going to post and vouch for you your instant social proof in that group in the community, you’re gonna go and search your company name, you have the reviews on there, and you have your website, you have the photos on your Google Business Profile photos on your website of the job.

Even if it’s something small, just went on the front entry area of a house and you just removed the existing mulch, put a new plants put a new mulch, simple stuff, it still is a transformation and people are going to want to buy so utilize and leverage those don’t be spammy. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. And yes, you will have to sift through some low quality leads here and there. But in the very beginning, you do what you got to do.

I was doing one time lawn cuts and after going out shelling out a bunch of money for more and having to do repairs on it to get the thing operational, doing these lawns that were like this tall for 30 bucks, just because I needed to get something going. That’s because the internet isn’t what it is. Now today, there were no community Facebook groups, there was nothing like that of the sort. We had company Facebook pages, but that’s it. So get out there and utilize those to your advantage. Just don’t be spammy with it, because then you’ll get kicked out.

9. Scaling to 6-Figures & Beyond

But ninth step is scaling. And so this is where you want to start taking your profits and put them to work. And obviously, yes, you’re still keeping your job doing the work on the weekends whenever you can, after hours, whatever you got to do, or scale back your hours at your job if you’re starting to really stack up profits, but you’re gonna want to invest into some type of advertising. I think right now one of the easiest ways to advertise as a beginner, as somebody who doesn’t know a whole lot about advanced marketing or keyword bidding or any types of ad strategies, you just want to use a platform, put some money into it and get some type of return is going to be linking your Google Ads account to your Google business profile, and then just running their ads express through that.

It’s going to be a bit more expensive for each lead. But it’s just going to be very simple and straightforward to the point. So get that connected, that’s going to be an easy way to do it. Because when someone searches for landscaping in your city, that ad is going to show up at the top of the map pack, which is at the very top of the search results. Sometimes there might be a couple of ads above it, but you’re right there at the very top. And if you have 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 reviews, and they’re all five stars, it’s going to be really easy to get more and more leads coming in.

And once you have your first few projects completed, you just repeat steps seven, eight and nine and dialing that in as you get more and more leads coming in and testimonials to that start charging for your labor as well as your materials with markup, spreading the word through the community Facebook groups, and then taking all the photos of your work, even doing videos, whatever type of media you want to use, getting them on your Google business profile on your social media accounts as well.

And now you have the snowball effect working and you’re just rinsing and repeating the same steps and building up your foundation of testimonials, photos of before and afters and videos. Whatever type of content you want to do get it out there as much as you can, your Google business profile, your website, social media, even YouTube as well just make sure you get your location focused keywords in there. So that way they can actually be found because people that are looking to purchase landscaping aren’t going to peruse YouTube and find it in your vlog.

Most homeowners that are going to spend money on landscaping, they’re not sitting around watching YouTube very much they have kids, they have their own social life, they have a career and all that sort of stuff, there’s not a lot of time for them to look around. And that’s why Google search is such a powerful tool because they can get access to the information right then in there. And so that is what I think is the absolute best way to get started with a landscape business and 2024 and beyond because the internet with how prevalent it is in social media, it’s a very, very, very powerful tool when used correctly.

And you can absolutely just skyrocket your business, just by being resourceful and just focusing your effort and channeling it into the right things at the right time. And then leveraging that and building upon that and using that snowball effect.

Skyrocket Sales With Help From a Proven Landscape Marketing Agency

So if you’re someone who’s just getting started with this, bookmark this video like it, save it to one of your playlists. So you can come back to it six months, 12 months down the line, and then comment below your results. I’d love to hear how it helped you. And if you’re able to get your business up and running and off the ground. Hopefully you hit that six figure mark in the first couple of years.

And then of course head on over to our website, book an interview and we can see if it’s a fit and then send the invitation to jump onto our program. If you’re still watching this and you’re already at that 250k, $300,000 in yearly revenue again, click here to book an interview and we’ll talk soon and with that said my name is Matt Wacek, CEO Landscape Marketing Pros. We’ll see you in the next video.

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