Landscape & Lawn Care Marketing Company Sets The Standard For Results & ROI

Many agencies will put together an incredibly fancy website filled with have creative slogans regarding their culture, having dogs in the office, pictures of their team enjoying happy hour at the local brewery. For Landscape Marketing Pros, they are the complete opposite. Their belief is a marketing agency is only as good as the results it produces for its clients, and its top priority should be that. Happy clients will equate to a happy marketing agency team.

The results they focus on are return on investment. If their client invests into Landscape Marketing Pros’ digital marketing service program, (which averages $12,000 – $18,000 per year), it is a fair assumption they will increase the client’s revenue by at least 3x-5x that, in many cases, it has been over 10x. This is contingent on the client being able to price accurately, sell their service effectively, fulfill quality work and provide excellent customer service.

On Landscape Marketing Pros’ YouTube Channel, they recently shared a client’s testimonial. This client is a Minnesota based, family-owned and operated lawn care, landscaping, irrigation and snow removal company. When the client got started working with Landscape Marketing Pros in April 2019, they were operating out of their pole barn at a residence. Fast forward to January 2021, the company has since increased sales by over $1MM per year and now operates out of a 5,000 square foot facility on 4.2 acres and has added several employees and crews.

digital marketing for landscapers

Matt Wacek, Founder of Landscape Marketing Pros stresses the importance a digital marketing agency should have for its clients to get a return on investment. Especially for those looking to get started with offer digital marketing services. “If someone is investing their hard earned income into your agency’s services, whether it be a website design plus SEO, pay-per-click advertising management, social media advertising services or creating offline advertisements, return on investment over everything. The only companies that invest into advertising for “awareness” purposes and are not looking for a direct ROI are primarily going to be the giant companies – McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc. If a small business that’s locally owned and operated comes to your agency – it’s critical to be producing an ROI for them so they can continue growing.”

Landscaping Website Designer Shares Tips On Improving Conversion Rate

6 Elements That The Best Lawn Care, Landscaping, Irrigation & Snow Removal Websites Have To Explode Calls & Leads

The goal with any lawn care, irrigation, snow removal or landscaping company website should always be to maximize its potential earning power. That potential earning power is the inbound phone calls and contact form submission leads it generates. Otherwise, your website is essentially a billboard in the middle of nowhere. In this case, nobody nobody would see it, and nobody visits it. Which means you would have to rely on other methods to grow your business. 

Landscaping Website Designer

This should never be the focus, a professionally designed website has the potential to practically become an ATM machine for your company when the right strategies and methods are put in place. In a recent video, Matt Wacek, CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros describes six elements and tactics you need to implement on your website to increase its conversion rate – the ratio of visitors that convert to your offer, which for a landscaping or irrigation company’s website is requesting a quote or making a phone call to talk with your team. The methods are 100% free to implement and the potential upside is exponential.

The ROI Potential Is Sky High

For example – if one invested approximate six to ten hours into changing these design aspects on their website and in turn, it converts one visitor who ends up spending $50,000 with your company, that ROI is truly massive, even if those labor hours equated to $1000 in expenditures.

With a basic equation like that, the math is very clear to demonstrate the value of using conversion optimization with a purpose-built website. Landscape Marketing Pros does just that for their clients, not only providing unmatched landscaping marketing services but SEO for lawn care companies, review syndication and more. 

The Ultimate Guide To Snow Removal Marketing For 2020-2021

Snow plowing and ice removal is a completely different ball game compared to the spring, summer and fall season work. A few extra inches of grass during a rainy stretch is generally not a big deal, but a few inches of snow can lead to a slowdown in traffic, being susceptible to slipping and falling, and more. Snow removal is a crucial service for residential and commercial clients and can be quite lucrative with dense routes.

Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Snow Removal

Before we get into the process for advertising and how to get more snow removal clients, there are a few things you need to write down and assess before you start advertising for snow plowing and ice removal.

  1. If you’re brand new – are you prepared to be available 24/7 from Nov. – Apr.? Snow & ice accumulate at any time including nights, weekends and holidays. Clients’ properties need to be serviced no matter what.
  2. What types of accounts do you want? Residential or commercial? Or a mix of both? There are pros and cons of each.
  3. What type of snow removal equipment do you currently have or can you easily acquire without stretching yourself financially?
  4. Does your business insurance cover snow removal? If not, get in touch with your agent to ensure you are properly covered.

Methods of Advertising For Snow Removal

  • Reaching out to existing clients whom you are already providing lawn, landscape or irrigation services to. You can do this via email marketing, sending a brochure or letter with your invoice, a direct email or “warm call” on the phone, etc. 
  • Optimizing your website with search engine optimization (SEO) – building a page for “snow removal in [your city]”  
  • Branding with your company logo by installing graphics on your trucks, trailers and equipment
  • Print Advertising – business cards, door-hangers, postcards, brochures and flyers
  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Organic posts on Facebook & Instagram
  • Local marketing – Facebook groups, sponsor local sports leagues, Chamber of Commerce, etc

When To Advertise For Snow Plowing

Ask any snow removal contractor when to start spreading the word to your existing clientele and advertising to get more clients, and you will get different answers. There is also a huge variance between residential and commercial properties, and there can even be a big difference between large retail or restaurant chains, office complexes, etc. depending on who your point of contact is – property management company or the actual business property owner.

The short answer to the question: “when to start advertising for snow removal” is long before winter begins!

How to get snow removal clients

Here is the general timeline for snow removal advertising that Landscape Marketing Pros’ CEO used in his Minnesota-based snow removal company that he owned from 2011-2016: (this may differ slightly depending on where exactly you are located)

August: Decide what advertising methods to use.
If you are going to employ SEO (the best method to bring in the highest interest prospects) – start now! The sooner, the better.

September: Put your strategy together – are you going to offer a discount, special offers, etc? 
Print Ads – Get them ordered from your designer/print shop!
Google, FB, IG Ads – Build any necessary landing pages
Existing clients – Initial reach out
SEO – link building to get your snow removal page ranking

October: Put the strategy to work.
Print Ads – Get them distributed throughout the month even into November – can continue until the snow flies
Google Pay-Per-Click Ads – Turn them on!
FB/IG Ads – Turn them on around the middle of the month – it’s also a great time for retargeting your existing clients
Existing clients – Reach out with up-sell letters, email broadcasts, etc.
SEO – Link building to get your snow removal page ranking

November: Continue generating leads. November is often when the first snow arrives – the week and days leading up to it your phone and inbox will be going crazy as prospects scramble to find a snow service provider.
Print Ads – If it has not yet snowed, continue distributing them
Google Pay-Per-Click Ads – Keep them running (they can run all winter long if you want to bring in new clients and your budget allows)
FB/IG Ads – Continue with them if you are seeing a positive return
Existing clients – Reach out email broadcasts, direct email, etc.
SEO – Link building to get your snow removal page ranking – if it’s ranking – maintain the positioning

December: Keep everything going if there has not been any snow yet.

January: Winter’s wrath has usually arrived by now. After the first snow event the demand will drop. The best method to generate new clients through the rest of the winter is with referrals, Google Search Ads (you don’t have to pay to run the ad unless someone clicks), and SEO (once your website is ranking – the direct cost for traffic is zero dollars)

Unless it’s near the end of winter, it’s not too late to advertise for snow removal, however, the bulk of the demand for snow removal will be in the fall and early winter for the prospects that plan ahead. You can always count on a lot of demand for residential service the week and days leading up to the first snow event.

How To Get Commercial Snow Accounts/Contracts

All of the marketing/advertising methods mentioned at the beginning of this article will work for generating commercial snow removal leads. One other method that worked well for me was cold calling. Some of the best commercial snow removal clients can be landed simply by finding the business property, locating their contact information, picking up the phone, having a short conversation and then putting in a bid via email. These properties were always locally-owned establishments. Schedule a strategy session today to talk with the team at Landscape Marketing Pros about growing your business using the internet.

Landscaping Marketing Company Launches New Comprehensive Service Package

Lawn Care, Landscaping & Irrigation Focused Digital Marketing Agency Unveils Results-Backed Service Package

For most digital marketing agencies, it is commonplace to serve businesses in all verticals, whether it’s the local construction company, a restaurant or an e-commerce shop. Sometimes they will stick with their local area and become the localized specialist, or they spread across the country and work with clients nationwide. However, an increasing trend among the digital marketing service industry is agencies that focus solely on a single niche or vertical. Such is the case with Landscape Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency based in Minnesota. Their founder Matt Wacek, owned an outdoor service company that provided lawn care, landscaping, irrigation and snow removal services. He operated that business from 2011 to 2016 and in 2017, took his expertise and knowledge learned with over a decade of experience in the industry to launch Landscape Marketing Pros. He knew from the beginning that the best way to stand out in a crowded market was to become the go-to expert for marketing a lawn care, landscaping or irrigation system company.

Landscaping Marketing


In the beginning stages, they took on whatever work they could – a lawn care website design, the sporadic opportunity to do SEO for landscapers, creating and managing cold-traffic Facebook ads for tree care companies. Albeit it was for companies in their niche, but the sizes of the companies were across the board – from mostly single operator start-ups to some 6 and 7-figure enterprises. Vastly different budgets, goals and implementation methods made for difficulty creating the big “wins” for their clients that would create social proof to help the agency bring in more prospects.

The Switch From Barely Treading Water, To Making Waves

Over the past three years working with dozens of companies across the nation, Landscape Marketing Pros discovered the real way to get results for their clients while simultaneously being able to grow and scale their agency was to create a productized offering. No more “a la carte” style services that many digital marketing companies to provide – as that can lead to running around aimlessly because the agency is saying “yes” to everyone. This can lead to plateaus in growth, whereas with a strict productized offer – it is much simpler to scale while providing a great service that gets results.

Landscape Marketing Pros was able to drastically increase the revenue to the tune of 6 and 7-figures, this yielded multiple case study examples and social proof to show future prospects the ability of their system. After seeing amazing results with a properly designed website combined with search engine optimization campaign and reputation management, Matt came to realization of putting these services together in a refined package, and their “digital marketing system” was born.

A Proven Online Marketing System

What matters most when any business is considering hiring an outside party for digital marketing is the agency’s ability to obtain results for their clients. For a boutique-style agency like Landscape Marketing Pros, creating a professional image while generating a return on investment for clients is the primary focus. Simply put, increasing a client’s online exposure brings more website traffic, then more inbound phone calls and contact form submissions that lead to in-person meetings and the client closes more jobs/projects.

What’s Included?

Website Design or Redesign

When a client starts with the program, if they do not currently have a website – Landscape Marketing Pros’ designers will create one from scratch. If a website is currently in place but could use some modernizing – a redesign will be in order with proper on-site optimization to the website is user and search engine friendly.

Lead Capture and Tracking

One cannot manage what they do not track. Call and web form lead tracking systems are put in place.

Link Building and Content

Building trust and authority with off-site backlinks such as claiming directory profiles and competitive link acquisition along with monthly blog posts.

Building Additional Website Pages

Most outdoor service company websites are basic with four to five pages, this does not allow for maximizing the opportunity to harbor traffic from search engines. Landscape Marketing Pros builds pages for each service the client provides and each city in the area their company serves.

Pay-Per-Click Google Ads and Social Media Advertising (Optional Add-On)

The majority of the work for the traffic generation with their program is organic, which takes some time to set up – for the companies with the budget and desire to bring in leads sooner, a pay-per-click advertising campaign is launched with retargeting previous website visitors to further entice prospects to reach out to the client for a quote.

Review Request System

Social proof sells any product or service better than anything else. It is important for any local service company to have reviews on their Google My Business listing and the program includes two options for making the process easy to request a review. Beginning with a branded custom card that features a QR code that a client can give to their customer that can scan and leave a review. Another strategy is once per month email broadcast campaigns to request customers to leave a review using a built-in system.

Landscape Marketing Pros works with lawn care/maintenance, landscaping design/build, irrigation system, tree service, and snow removal businesses across the United States. With their clients’ companies ranging from a few employees to firms with fifty or more employees. They place a heavy emphasis on bringing clients a solid return on investment while delivering great customer experience.