Landscaping Marketing Agency Announces Launch of Google Pay-Per-Click Services

Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. Similar to search engine optimization, Google pay-per-click ads are shown in the search results where your prospects are typing exactly what they are looking for. However, the biggest advantage with Google PPC versus SEO is that a campaign can be built and operational within 1-2 weeks and can be generating inbound calls and contact form leads shortly thereafter.

Creating a Google Ads campaign could become an absolute money pit without the proper training and knowledge. Without it, effectively setting up the ads with text copy that searchers will want to click on, targeting and bidding on the right keywords, building custom landing pages that will convert visitors, integrating with call & form lead tracking, and continual optimization of the ads, PPC can be a truly daunting task to get right and actually generate leads. This requires a team of Google Ads specialists that are not only well-versed in all aspects of the green industry but also online advertising, allowing a business owner to focus on closing more projects and growing their company.

Google pay-per-click advertising

Use Google Ads To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook

Like all digital marketing services, the entire purpose of pay-per-click advertising is to generate more inbound phone calls and contact form submissions and convert those leads into paid clients. According to Google Ads Industry Benchmarks, the average conversion rate for most industries is between 4-5%. Doubling that and achieving a 10% conversion rate is considered superb, but with the expertise Landscape Marketing Pros offers, they routinely produce 12-25%+ conversion rates for their clients. This leads to a lower cost per lead (CPL) and increased revenue for your company at higher profit margins.

Additional Landscaping PPC Factors To Consider

Landscape Marketing Pros’ pay-per-click ads specialists are Google Premier Partners, which means they are among the top 3% of advertisers in North America and are knowledgeable, experienced, and have a proven track record of success. Putting your trust into their team that knows the green industry inside and out to successfully execute your PPC campaign and begin driving new leads to help grow your outdoor living, lawn care, irrigation, tree service, or landscaping company’s revenue. 

Landscaping & Lawn Care Marketing Agency Weighs Out SEO vs. PPC

Landscape Marketing Pros CEO Matt Wacek explains the differences between search engine optimization and Google pay-per-click advertising for getting more clients for your lawn, landscaping, outdoor living, irrigation, tree service or snow removal company. Also included are weighing out the pros and cons of the two strategies and which is best for your business based on your current revenue situation and scaling capabilities.

This video explains everything you need to know about both methods for getting more landscaping leads and clients.

landscaping and lawn care marketing agency

Major Differences Between SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding content to your website with the intent of improving your site’s visibility to the search engines and users of the aforementioned search engines, allowing your website to show up in relevant searches.

For an outdoor services company, this would be search such as “lawn care near me” or “landscaping [city, st]”.

Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. This allows your business to bid on search appearances when a prospective client types in a relevant keyword such as “outdoor living designer near me” in the Google search. You pay when someone clicks on your ad. Using pay-per-click is extremely advantageous because you can turn them on and off with a few clicks, adjustments to the ad copy can be made when needed as well as targeting specific geographical areas.

Which Should You Invest Into?

Unlike SEO, PPC ads can be set up and running within days whereas SEO is a multi-month plan, however, that’s not to say SEO is not a winning strategy because the cost per lead can often be much cheaper plus it contributes to a long lasting online presence as a whole. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on a company’s current revenue, size and ability to grow.

Landscaping Marketing Agency Explains How To Get Landscaping Customers Fast

The world of online marketing for lawn care, landscaping, tree service, irrigation and snow removal contractors is quite vast and can frankly be overwhelming for even the most seasoned business owner. Venture onto YouTube to gather insight on marketing your landscaping business and you will have dozens of techniques to learn about. Everything from using Facebook Ads for lawn care, posting engaging video content on Instagram that goes viral, traditional methods such as postcards or door-hangers, the ever-reliable website design that is essentially an online billboard, being patient but winning big over the long haul with search engine optimization, and who could forget turning on pay-per-click Google Ads? The choices are seemingly endless.

How To Get More Landscaping Clients

When a landscaping company opens, it can be confusing to figure out the best strategy to get clients or jobs. Landscape Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency that provides services to the green industry, shared insight on how they were able to generate inbound phone calls and contact form leads for a new client within 1-2 weeks of their website presence being in existence. While this is atypical as search engine optimization does take time to “kick in”, which is anywhere from three to six months, or in some cases nine to twelve months depending on the age of the website and competition in the search results.

This video explains how they were able to make this happen by utilizing a tactic called on-page search engine optimzation to maximize online presence.

Marketing Strategies For Landscaping Businesses

Each of the aforementioned methods and tactics listed will work. However, one must assess their landscaping company’s personality, budget and service offerings to see which would work best. If your personality and company culture is mostly operations focused, get-in and get-out while doing commercial lawn service – creating a highly visual and interactive video for Instagram in hopes it will go viral may not be the best option because your target market is probably not hanging out on social media.

If your company is a landscape design and build firm that specializes in renovating back yards that may otherwise be plain and boring, and transforming them into beautiful and functional outdoor spaces complete with an expansive yard, trendy outdoor kitchen with bar and BBQ with a pergola for shade, built atop a paver patio and complete with an outdoor fireplace – then a video from a drone with unqiue camera angles posted on Instagram may have a good chance of going viral and obtaining interest from your ideal prospective client.

These are just two examples of dozens of different combinations available. When seeking out the best strategy, the seemingly boring method such as a website with proper SEO is often what outweighs everything else because it just plain works.

Landscaping Marketing Agency Partners With Isanti, MN Landscaper

Landscape Marketing Pros, a leading digital marketing firm for outdoor service contractors, stated recently that they believe is that the entire purpose behind any small business investing in digital marketing services should be with a return on investment in mind. Whether a company is generating $150,000 per year or $1,500,000 per year, if they seek out a partner for digital marketing for their landscaping company the intention and motive between both parties should be increasing sales and client retention to increase the value per client over the long term. That may be up-selling recurring maintenance services after a landscape installation project, or keeping a company in the mind of the prospect if they are looking to do multiple projects at their home or business property over the course of several years.

Recently Landscape Marketing Pros featured a landscaping SEO client testimonial on their YouTube Channel. This client is Lush Landscape & Irrigation, an outdoor services company based in Isanti, MN.

They first partnered with Landscape Marketing Pros in 2019, at that time their online presence was a business Facebook page and a basic website they built themselves. It was seriously lacking in the department of producing leads and displaying a professional image. It had virtually no search engine optimization and frankly, it looked atrocious. It was not optimized for mobile devices, did not provide adequate information and so forth.

SEO for landscapers

Immediately upon Landscape Marketing Pros taking the reigns, they started with a fresh slate and completely rebuilt their website with search engine optimization in mind. Over the course of several months, their pages began to index and rank, showing up for top keywords in their service area such as “landscaping Isanti, MN” and “irrigation Isanti, MN”. This placement and presence is single-handedly what drove copious amounts of web traffic from high-interest prospects looking to purchase services from Lush. This helped them scale from just two crews to 250% growth in terms of personnel with 5 crews at the end of 2020. Their sights are set to add at least one more crew in 2021 while increasing sales and profit across the board.