Landscape & Lawn Care Marketing Company Sets The Standard For Results & ROI

Many agencies will put together an incredibly fancy website filled with have creative slogans regarding their culture, having dogs in the office, pictures of their team enjoying happy hour at the local brewery. For Landscape Marketing Pros, they are the complete opposite. Their belief is a marketing agency is only as good as the results it produces for its clients, and its top priority should be that. Happy clients will equate to a happy marketing agency team.

The results they focus on are return on investment. If their client invests into Landscape Marketing Pros’ digital marketing service program, (which averages $12,000 – $18,000 per year), it is a fair assumption they will increase the client’s revenue by at least 3x-5x that, in many cases, it has been over 10x. This is contingent on the client being able to price accurately, sell their service effectively, fulfill quality work and provide excellent customer service.

On Landscape Marketing Pros’ YouTube Channel, they recently shared a client’s testimonial. This client is a Minnesota based, family-owned and operated lawn care, landscaping, irrigation and snow removal company. When the client got started working with Landscape Marketing Pros in April 2019, they were operating out of their pole barn at a residence. Fast forward to January 2021, the company has since increased sales by over $1MM per year and now operates out of a 5,000 square foot facility on 4.2 acres and has added several employees and crews.

digital marketing for landscapers

Matt Wacek, Founder of Landscape Marketing Pros stresses the importance a digital marketing agency should have for its clients to get a return on investment. Especially for those looking to get started with offer digital marketing services. “If someone is investing their hard earned income into your agency’s services, whether it be a website design plus SEO, pay-per-click advertising management, social media advertising services or creating offline advertisements, return on investment over everything. The only companies that invest into advertising for “awareness” purposes and are not looking for a direct ROI are primarily going to be the giant companies – McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc. If a small business that’s locally owned and operated comes to your agency – it’s critical to be producing an ROI for them so they can continue growing.”

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