Landscaping Marketing Agency Explains How To Get Landscaping Customers Fast

The world of online marketing for lawn care, landscaping, tree service, irrigation and snow removal contractors is quite vast and can frankly be overwhelming for even the most seasoned business owner. Venture onto YouTube to gather insight on marketing your landscaping business and you will have dozens of techniques to learn about. Everything from using Facebook Ads for lawn care, posting engaging video content on Instagram that goes viral, traditional methods such as postcards or door-hangers, the ever-reliable website design that is essentially an online billboard, being patient but winning big over the long haul with search engine optimization, and who could forget turning on pay-per-click Google Ads? The choices are seemingly endless.

How To Get More Landscaping Clients

When a landscaping company opens, it can be confusing to figure out the best strategy to get clients or jobs. Landscape Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency that provides services to the green industry, shared insight on how they were able to generate inbound phone calls and contact form leads for a new client within 1-2 weeks of their website presence being in existence. While this is atypical as search engine optimization does take time to “kick in”, which is anywhere from three to six months, or in some cases nine to twelve months depending on the age of the website and competition in the search results.

This video explains how they were able to make this happen by utilizing a tactic called on-page search engine optimzation to maximize online presence.

Marketing Strategies For Landscaping Businesses

Each of the aforementioned methods and tactics listed will work. However, one must assess their landscaping company’s personality, budget and service offerings to see which would work best. If your personality and company culture is mostly operations focused, get-in and get-out while doing commercial lawn service – creating a highly visual and interactive video for Instagram in hopes it will go viral may not be the best option because your target market is probably not hanging out on social media.

If your company is a landscape design and build firm that specializes in renovating back yards that may otherwise be plain and boring, and transforming them into beautiful and functional outdoor spaces complete with an expansive yard, trendy outdoor kitchen with bar and BBQ with a pergola for shade, built atop a paver patio and complete with an outdoor fireplace – then a video from a drone with unqiue camera angles posted on Instagram may have a good chance of going viral and obtaining interest from your ideal prospective client.

These are just two examples of dozens of different combinations available. When seeking out the best strategy, the seemingly boring method such as a website with proper SEO is often what outweighs everything else because it just plain works.

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