Landscaping Marketing Agency Partners With Isanti, MN Landscaper

Landscape Marketing Pros, a leading digital marketing firm for outdoor service contractors, stated recently that they believe is that the entire purpose behind any small business investing in digital marketing services should be with a return on investment in mind. Whether a company is generating $150,000 per year or $1,500,000 per year, if they seek out a partner for digital marketing for their landscaping company the intention and motive between both parties should be increasing sales and client retention to increase the value per client over the long term. That may be up-selling recurring maintenance services after a landscape installation project, or keeping a company in the mind of the prospect if they are looking to do multiple projects at their home or business property over the course of several years.

Recently Landscape Marketing Pros featured a landscaping SEO client testimonial on their YouTube Channel. This client is Lush Landscape & Irrigation, an outdoor services company based in Isanti, MN.

They first partnered with Landscape Marketing Pros in 2019, at that time their online presence was a business Facebook page and a basic website they built themselves. It was seriously lacking in the department of producing leads and displaying a professional image. It had virtually no search engine optimization and frankly, it looked atrocious. It was not optimized for mobile devices, did not provide adequate information and so forth.

SEO for landscapers

Immediately upon Landscape Marketing Pros taking the reigns, they started with a fresh slate and completely rebuilt their website with search engine optimization in mind. Over the course of several months, their pages began to index and rank, showing up for top keywords in their service area such as “landscaping Isanti, MN” and “irrigation Isanti, MN”. This placement and presence is single-handedly what drove copious amounts of web traffic from high-interest prospects looking to purchase services from Lush. This helped them scale from just two crews to 250% growth in terms of personnel with 5 crews at the end of 2020. Their sights are set to add at least one more crew in 2021 while increasing sales and profit across the board.

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