Landscaping Website Designer Partners With Brainerd Lakes Area Landscaper

In today’s tech-forward age, most are aware that every local business needs to have a website. However, it can not be something slapped together hastily with a logo and phone number on it. Thinking back to ten years ago in 2011 where the internet was nothing like it is today – you could get away with something as basic as that, but in 2021 that will simply not cut it. So a cutting-edge, modern website is a must. Especially for a landscaping business where the service they sell is something extremely visual. Many prospective clients want to see ideas, different examples of work done on properties similar to theres and much more.

Landscaping SEO Company Revitalizes Online Presence For Landscaper in Brainerd Lakes Area

Black Rock Landscaping websiteBlack Rock Landscaping is a locally-owned and operated landscaping company in Brainerd Lakes Area that specializes in high-end landscaping projects on luxury homes and lakefront cabins. The caliber of their work is truly second-to-none compared to their competitors and they needed an online presence in for the form of a landscaping website that reflects that. They recently paired with Landscape Marketing Pros, (a results-backed agency that provides unmatched landscape business marketing for companies in the low-to-mid 6-figures to low 7-figure revenue range) to refresh their online appearance to stand out in their market as the leading landscaping company in the Brainerd Lakes area.

Landscape Marketing Pros did just that – a complete start over from scratch. Dozens upon dozens of man-hours invested into the website rebuild and continual SEO work to keep them as close to the top of page 1 for the keywords Black Rock is aiming to show up for. The other goal with the website is the showcase their brand’s image and professionalism, not only with a visually appealing website but also displaying testimonials from previous clients. Beyond just showing the company’s range of services which include full-service landscape design & build, but also landscape lighting and small excavation projects. Also featured is a large gallery with many pictures of previous work performed by the company to provide prospects with ideas for their future project, all designed with ease of navigation in mind.

This recently redesigned online billboard will serve Black Rock Landscaping for years to come and help them drive more leads and close more sales.

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