Landscaping Website Designer Shares Tips On Improving Conversion Rate

6 Elements That The Best Lawn Care, Landscaping, Irrigation & Snow Removal Websites Have To Explode Calls & Leads

The goal with any lawn care, irrigation, snow removal or landscaping company website should always be to maximize its potential earning power. That potential earning power is the inbound phone calls and contact form submission leads it generates. Otherwise, your website is essentially a billboard in the middle of nowhere. In this case, nobody nobody would see it, and nobody visits it. Which means you would have to rely on other methods to grow your business. 

Landscaping Website Designer

This should never be the focus, a professionally designed website has the potential to practically become an ATM machine for your company when the right strategies and methods are put in place. In a recent video, Matt Wacek, CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros describes six elements and tactics you need to implement on your website to increase its conversion rate – the ratio of visitors that convert to your offer, which for a landscaping or irrigation company’s website is requesting a quote or making a phone call to talk with your team. The methods are 100% free to implement and the potential upside is exponential.

The ROI Potential Is Sky High

For example – if one invested approximate six to ten hours into changing these design aspects on their website and in turn, it converts one visitor who ends up spending $50,000 with your company, that ROI is truly massive, even if those labor hours equated to $1000 in expenditures.

With a basic equation like that, the math is very clear to demonstrate the value of using conversion optimization with a purpose-built website. Landscape Marketing Pros does just that for their clients, not only providing unmatched landscaping marketing services but SEO for lawn care companies, review syndication and more. 

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