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Our all-encompassing approach using a winning combination of strategies that positions your business directly in front of your ideal prospects, allowing you to capture more leads and increase sales as a result.

Generating Exclusive & Targeted Landscaping Leads

Over the past several years, we’ve talked with hundreds landscape contractors from all areas of the United States. The most common complaint we hear is that that they’re frustrated and annoyed of dealing with lackluster results from their “run-of-the-mill” marketing agency that doesn’t understand the massive difference between “lawn maintenance” and “landscape installation”.

Or worse, they’ve been shelling out 1000s of dollars to blindly purchase shared leads from platforms that connect homeowners with contractors (you likely know their names).

This is where Landscape Marketing Pros steps in!

Our results-proven client attraction system is a cost-effective and straight-forward method used by landscapers across the country to leap past sales plateaus and scale their companies. To learn more, watch our free demo

Attract Better Clients!

Landscaping SEO services

One of the worst feelings as a landscape contractor is when you get excited that a new lead came in and this one sounds promising.

They are looking for your dream service offering. An outdoor living area complete with a patio, custom fire pit and seating wall, plus plants & mulch for a finishing touch, a solid $10k-$20k+ project depending on the exact scope.

You speak with them on the phone, set up a time for a consultation, and then drive out to their home (at this point you’ve likely invested at least an hour or two plus fuel and miles driven).

Upon visiting the property and speaking with the prospect in-person, you then realize their budget is less than half of what it would take to actually get the project done right.

You either have to bail from the meeting by politely saying they can’t get all that done at their budget and risk them being offended then leaving you a bad Google review, or suffer through and completely waste your time taking measurements of the worksite and half-heartedly tell them you’ll send over a proposal.

Sounds fun, right? Not a chance!

Our system helps put a stop to all the wasted time, resources and effort by utilizing a tire kicker prevention program that screens out the less than desirable leads that would waste you and your team’s valuable time, allowing your company to focus more energy on the high-quality leads that are willing to pay for excellent service.

Keep Your Crews Busy

A truly heart-wrenching conversation that you NEVER want to have with your team during the growing season is to tell them that work is slowing down, and they won’t be able to get their full hours the next couple weeks despite their families depending on that income.

Our system has the capability to generate leads in the short term with strategies such as Google P.P.C., and in the long term by leveraging SEO for landscaping, allowing you to book your install crews multiple WEEKS if not MONTHS out, and fill maintenance routes so your staff can stay working throughout the season.

Build A More Profitable Landscaping Business By Employing Leverage To Create Abundance

Leverage is employed by our system working on autopilot 24/7/365 delivering exclusive leads with buyer intent to your inbox or phone.

Then by creating omnipresence throughout the search engines, more and more of the prospects in your local market are able to find your company and reach out to schedule a consultation for their project.

With an abundance of leads coming in, your company then has the option to start hiring more crews or increase your prices. Regardless of the route you choose, you’ll be able to maximize your profit margins or volume as a result.

How Do I Get Started?

You’ve probably read through this entire page and want more information on how we work.

We’ve created a detailed video that explains how we help landscape contractors across the nation dramatically increase their leads and become more profitable.

Click here to watch the video (no opt-in required).

Note: This is only available to 1 landscape contractor per service area. We have waiting lists in multiple areas of the country. Yes… seriously, this isn’t some scarcity BS marketing ploy. The remaining locations will fill up fast, so book today before your local competitors swoop in and grab your spot. 

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