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Search engine advertising services to quickly drive traffic that converts into leads and sales for landscaping, lawn care, outdoor living, irrigation & tree service companies.

Results-Proven Landscaping PPC Services

Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. Similar to SEO, Google PPC ads are shown in the search results where your prospects are typing exactly what they are looking for. However, the biggest advantage with Google PPC versus SEO is that a campaign can be built and operational within 1-2 weeks, and can be generating calls/leads shortly thereafter.

Creating a Google Ads campaign could become an absolute money pit without the proper training and knowledge. Without it, effectively setting up the ads with text copy that searchers will want to click on, targeting and bidding on the right keywords, building custom landing pages that will convert visitors, integrating with call & form lead tracking, and continual optimization of the ads, PPC can be a truly daunting task to get right and actually generate leads. Appropriately, our team of Google Ads specialists are well-versed in not only online advertising but also all aspects of the green industry, allowing you to focus on closing more projects and growing your company.

Fill Your Inbox & Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook

Like all digital marketing services, the entire purpose of pay-per-click advertising is to generate more inbound phone calls and contact form submissions and convert those leads into paid clients. According to Google Ads Industry Benchmarks, the average conversion rate for most industries is between 4-5%. Doubling that and achieving a 10% conversion rate is considered superb, but with our expertise we routinely produce 12-25%+ conversion rates for our clients. This leads to a lower cost per lead (CPL) and increased revenue for your company at higher margins.

Tree Service Advertising Results

Advertising tree service
Tree removal & trimming service ads converting at 21.67%

Lawn Care Advertising Results

Google PPC ads for lawn care advertising
Lawn care ads converting at 24.18% and preventive pest service ads at 15.22%

Extensive Keyword Research

We set up your campaigns to show up for the keywords your prospects are typing into the search bar, and "negative keywords" to ensure they're not shown to the wrong audience.

Ad Copy Creation & Testing

The ad copy text is written in a manner to grab a searcher's eyes and entice them to click on the ad.

Bid Management

We will decrease or remove bids on loser keywords and increase the bids on winners. Your campaigns will always be displayed in the most optimal, high-converting keyword searches.

Landing Pages

Each ad campaign gets its own custom-built, conversion-focused landing page.

Contact Form & Call Tracking

We setup contact form and call tracking (with call recording available) for each campaign so you see exactly which campaign is producing leads.

Custom Reporting

We are all about detailed reporting! We provide clear & concise reports at both weekly or monthly intervals, along with once per month check-in calls on Zoom.

Geo-Targeting & Timing

Your ads are set up to only be displayed in searches throughout your company's service area at the times of day your business is open to receive calls or follow up with contact form submissions.

Weekly Optimizing

We monitor your ads' performance by analyzing the weekly conversion and click data to make adjustments and tweaks on a regular basis to ensure continued lead flow of the campaign.

Experience The Difference Landscape Marketing Pros Brings To The Table

Our pay-per-click ads specialists are Google Premier Partners, which means they are among the top 3% of participating advertisers in North America and are knowledgeable, experienced and have a proven track record of success. You can trust our team that knows the green industry inside and out to successfully execute your PPC campaign and begin driving new leads to help grow your revenue.

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