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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of bringing a website to the first page of a search engine result page in order to bring more organic traffic to a website. When a home or business property owner is in need of lawn mowing, mulch, a paver patio, etc., most will immediately go to Google and type in “Lawn Care Near Me” or “Paver Patio [Insert City]”. If your company’s website is not showing up on the first page, you are missing out on thousands of website visitors and potentially tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue every year. 

Clients often ask us if search engine optimization is included with our website builds, and technically we do optimize the on-page content during your website build project in order to help your website rank the homepage and individual service pages for its “headquartered city”. However, a full-scale SEO campaign is a series of consistent endeavors that must take place over multiple months and this service is best suited with our comprehensive digital marketing program.

What Separates Our Landscaping/Lawn Care SEO Services From The Rest

At Landscape Marketing Pros, we live and breathe online marketing. So much that after our founder Matt Wacek sold his landscaping company in 2016 (of which the grow was fueled by his company’s website with SEO traffic), he has spent thousands of hours building his own portfolio of local lead generation SEO websites in niches varying from landscaping, to HVAC, plumbing, decks and more. Using these websites as “test dummies” to put our SEO strategy to the test. To say we are on the front line of all things SEO and online marketing is an understatement. The strategies we use are tried-and-tested, and have been proven to work year-after-year as our clients continue to grow their companies as a result of our SEO.

Foundational Set Up

This begins with your website - like the base material of a paver patio, it must be built properly or everything else will be a struggle-fest.

Targeting Relevant Keywords

We target your website to rank for the exact keywords your prospects are typing into the Google search bar.

Strategic Authority Building

Building high-authority backlinks to increase the overall authority that Google sees in your website, further pushing your website up the search results.

Build Trust With Google

We create listings on trustworthy directories (referred to as citations) such as Angie's List, Houzz, Yelp and more.

Google My Business

We claim your listing on your behalf (if you haven't already) and optimize the information to help boost its ranking in the Map Pack.

Removing Obstructions

If anything is "holding up" your website from launching up the search results such as low quality inbound (incoming) links, we remedy the situation.

Tracking and Monitoring Your Campaign

You cannot manage what you do not track. Sending your website up the search results to the first page is important, but equally important is tracking all the activity to measure progress. This includes doing adequate keyword research to gather insights for what people in your service area are typing into the Google search bar when they are looking to purchase services, using software to manage incoming backlinks and more. 

Keyword Research

Use Google keyword data to determine the best location + service-oriented keywords target with your site.

Rank Tracking

We use software to scan the search results allowing us analyze the keywords where your website is ranking and show you monthly progress as we take your site from not being found to the first page of Google.

Backlink Monitoring

Keep watch of your back links to ensure only high quality backlinks are pointing at your website as it climbs the search ladder.

Google Analytics and Search Console

Track the overall traffic performance of your site and determine how users are finding and clicking from the search results to visit your site.

How Long To See Results?

Following our proven route with consistency and a marathon-type focus, when targeting the broad but competitive keywords such as “Landscaping in [Insert City, St]” or “[Insert City, St] Lawn Care” the duration to rank can vary tremendously, listed below are the approximate average timelines (these are only general numbers, factors such as website age and current authority, etc. can impact this)

Hear what Brandon Rossmeisl, Landscape Designer & Sales Director at Best Outdoor Services has to say about the results of our SEO services.

Experience The Difference Landscape Marketing Pros Brings To The Table

Don’t just hire any run-of-the-mill generalist agency to manage your online presence, trust our experienced and knowledgeable team that knows the green industry inside and out to successfully execute your SEO campaign and begin driving new leads to help grow your revenue. Contact us today to get started!

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