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Generate leads for your business from Facebook and Instagram

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Businesses of all sizes may start with Facebook and Instagram ads to keep a strong online presence but it is particularly helpful for small businesses and startups as Facebook ads allow you to target very specifically to your ideal customer, but you need an expert to create and manage them for you. At Landscape Marketing Pros, we understand your digital marketing needs and will show you the benefits of a smart Facebook campaign. 

Through Facebook, we are able to deliver a super targeted ad campaign. Which means your ads are displayed to people who have displayed interest in your services. Facebook can direct its users to view your landing page, website, or video and you are only charged a small amount per-click. We can help you budget your ads to maximize reach and create interesting content that will entice more users to view your business and product. More importantly, we will manage your ad campaign by monitoring the results using certain metrics and adjusting our marketing style accordingly.

social media marketing for lawn care and landscaping

Social Media Management

As a business owner, you likely have dozens of items on your list of tasks every day. The last thing you want to worry about is ensuring your social media content is being posted regularly and your social pages such as Facebook and Instagram are monitored. If the last post from your company’s Facebook page is 2014 and a prospective customer stumbles upon it, they will be confused as to whether or not your company is in business anymore!  It is crucial to consistently be sharing posts, photos, videos, reviews from happy clients, employee profiles, lawn/landscape/tree/irrigation tips, promotions, just to name a few possible topics. Take managing your social media off the task list and free up your time to focus on the things that allow you to work ON your business instead of IN it.

Promotional Ads

When it comes to promoting services to acquire leads that are interested in obtaining a quote/estimate for your services, Facebook and Instagram are a great source. Especially for lower-ticket services such as lawn maintenance. The most effective campaigns to acquire new clients are simple and should be focused on promoting your services, usually combined with a discount or promotional giveaway to encourage clients to sign on for regular services. Promotional ads work great for higher-ticket services such as paver patios or large-scale landscape projects, however with a higher price comes a longer sales cycle and utilizing social media advertising with more of a value-first, long game approach.

Content Marketing For Landscape Construction and Installation

When it comes to marketing high ticket services such as landscape/hardscape construction projects, content marketing combined with retargeting/remarketing ads and an email marketing follow-up funnel (newsletter) will yield the best results when marketing on Facebook and Instagram. This is a longer term focus that requires budgets of at least $1,000 – $5,000+ in ad spend in order to reach a sample size to generate an ROI/ROAS. 

Content must be created that your prospects are interested in seeing. One popular tactic is a project case study. An example would be describing the process of taking an old, totally overgrown landscape and detailing the entire removal and installation process either in a blog post on your website or in a video that can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. Whether you choose the blog post or video route, the case study can be kept organic or to increase the visibility – interest based and/or retargeting ads can be dispatched. 

Another popular content marketing option that helps your prospect move their way forward in the buying process is giving away a cheatsheet or eBook in PDF form, such as “10 questions to ask your landscape designer” or “The 5 best features to add to your landscaping”, etc. They receive the information in a digital file in exchange for them “opting-in” to your email list. Where you can send them down a follow-up sales funnel providing them valuable information about your services and promotions. 

Our team furnishes all content creation such as blog posts, email marketing, email content, creation of downloadable digital documents and creatives for ads.


If you had to choose just one single form of online marketing for your green industry business – retargeting is the one! Retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) is the best branding tool that exists and it is essential for a green industry business. If you have ever added items to your cart on Amazon, but then left their site without purchasing, you will see their ads for that product within minutes – we can do the same for your business!

For many clients, deciding on installing new landscaping or choosing a full-service lawn care service provider for the season can be a long sales cycle, when a retargeting strategy is deployed, it can shorten that sales cycle by putting your company in front of every prospective client that visits your site and further entices the prospect to come back to your site, increasing the chance of closing more sales.

How it works: we place a tracking pixel (small piece of invisible code) on your website which drops a cookie on anyone’s computer or mobile device when they visit your website. This tracking pixel tells Facebook that this particular visitor left, then our ads are immediately dispatched and placed in their newsfeeds, Facebook Messenger, stories (Facebook/Instagram) and throughout Facebook’s Audience Network. Your prospect sees your brand everywhere and with the right ad placed in front of them (we can create specific ads based on the exact pages they did or did not visit) they will convert to your offer. 

Retargeting campaigns can also be executed to display ads in front of your existing email list subscribers and customers – this is a truly untapped strategy and works great when opening up a new service offering or promoting a seasonal service such spring/fall clean ups, irrigation blowouts, snow/ice removal, etc. 

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