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Turn Your Website Into A 'Round-The-Clock Sales Team

A website is vital to all green industry companies. Your website is how prospective customers gauge the quality of your service, and determine what the overall customer experience will be if they decide to purchase your services. Your website is also how the vast majority of new customers will find your business. So it is crucial to have a visually pleasing and highly responsive website to set a professional tone for your company.

Your website is the most critical part of your online presence, that is why when you hire our team – we do everything for you, including writing the content. We only need basic information about your business – such as the history of your company, accolades/awards, fertilizer & weed control applications and other service timelines, logo, and photos of your fleet and work (we can even supply these if you don’t have any) and then approval of our work at project completion.

What Separates Our Websites From The Rest

There is a big difference between building a website that just looks good, and building a website that successfully generates leads while providing a professional image for your company. We have built hundreds of lawn care, landscaping, irrigation & tree service websites in and have refined our process over the years. Here is just a sample of what sets our websites apart:

Forward Thinking Design

We combine the ability to create fully custom website designs with proven content creation strategies that convert visitors into leads

Proper Website Structure

We utilize best practices for structuring the "ladder" of the pages on your website

Imagery and Graphical Elements

Placing proper images to adequately describe and display the services your company offers while building trust and rapport

Tracking with Google and Facebook

Installation of Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels (if applicable) so you can monitor traffic and conversions

Friendly To All Devices - Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Your website will function 100% on smart phones, laptops, iPads, wide screen desktop monitors and more

Unique Content

We create new text content on every page and include full details of your services and other important information

Content Management w/ SSL Certificate

We build every website with WordPress, yielding to clean coding and an SSL to ensure visitors have secure access to your site

Google Search Console

We submit your website to Google Search Console, allowing you to track the performance of your website in the organic search results

We Maximize Your Website's Capabilities

One of the best practices to increase the traffic your website generates is by optimizing the content on your website. Specifically building individual service pages that go into full detail of that service offering. These individual pages also increases the quality of the user’s experience and promotes proper site structure, and also as you can see in the screenshots below – search engines love optimized individual service pages!

google search result
google search result page

Plain and simple – if a prospect is located in the home city of your company (in the screenshots above – Lush Landscape & Irrigation is based in Isanti, MN) and they search for an individual service such as “Paver Patios” or “Irrigation Blowout” rather than the generic search term of “Landscaping”, when optimized properly and depending on the competitiveness of your area, these pages have a good chance to rank on the first page in their respective search results, allowing your website to generate more leads. 

Experience The Difference

Don’t just hire any run-of-the-mill generalist agency to create the most important aspect of your online presence, trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to build your green industry company’s website to display your showcase your company’s image while driving new leads and helping your grow your revenue. Contact us today to get started!

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